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3D Printing Architectural Maquettes, Models and Miniatures

Most of the architectural models we 3D print at Shapeways never make it into the Shapeways shops as they are private 3D prints for architects and their clients.  Not only do we print scale model buildings but often other items such as furniture, cars, people and animals that bring life and a sense of scale to the maquettes.

Architectural models 3D print on Shapeways

Iron Bridge (1:100 Scale) Design by Nathan2012 

Here are a few architecture maquettes, models and miniatures that are available to purchase in the Shapeways shops.  If you have a architectural 3D print, whether it be your student work, a historic building or client work that you can share, be sure to make it available in your Shapeways shop, it may be just the thing someone is looking for to add to their own 3D printed landscape.

3D Print architecture

Seaside Shelter Design by Nathan2012 

architectural 3D print on Shapeways

Entablatower Design by adamnathanielfurman 

3D print model building on Shapeways

 Gauge House Design by yeswac 

3D Print model architecture

Raadhuis Hilversum Design by stefdevos 

1 WTC Design by stefdevos  

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