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Community Journal #3

It’s arrived! Welcome to the third edition of the Shapeways Community
Journal! We’ve compiled exciting events happening throughout the community,
both in person and online. Whether you’re an
active member of the community looking to see whats happening or someone looking to
find ways to get more involved, you’ve come to the right place!


Last week we had our monthly NYC Meetup at Desmond’s Tavern, and
we had a great turnout and a lot of fun!

The next meetup in the NYC area will be our Elasto meetup on July 17th, so
keep on the lookout for more information and updates by joining our group.

If you want to host an Elasto meetup in your city and meet other Shapeways users check here for more information!

Also, if you want to learn a little more about the quality of Elasto, check out MrNib’s helpful information here on the forums.

CE Week

Last week Pete and Duann were on panels at CE Week, about 3D
printing and Technology in Fashion. Check out pictures from the event below!

Taking Nice Pictures on a Budget

This week here on the forums user entertailion shared a great way to take nice pictures on a budget that is definitely worth checking out (especially if you’re a shop owner)!

Follow Up on Weekend Contest #11: Custom Character

A few weeks ago we held a Custom Character Weekend Contest
and willtheloon’s Surfer Worm was the winner! We are happy to announce that
Surfer Worm has been successfully printed and is now available for sale here. Keep a
look out for the various weekend contests on the forum!

It arrived!

This week we were excited to see photos of trishycakes’s horn headdresses on the “It arrived!” section of the forum. We think they came out great!

See more pictures here and feel free to share your exciting new stuff with us on the forums.  


Shapeways user eXtrudy has just launched his new free tool to easily 3D model simple products like coins. For more information and links to tutorials check here. This photo is an example of a rendering from eXtrudy, we can’t wait to check it out! 


As you may have realized we’re big fans of community participation here at Shapeways, so let us know what you’ve been doing! Get involved in whatever way suits you, and let us know about it! We hope to see you around!

-The community team

Bart, Natalia, Michael, Savannah and Daniela.


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