Industrial Designer 3D Prints a Broom Stick Into a Floor Lamp

Why clean when you can illuminate? New York based industrial designer Christian Stolarz has designed two elegantly simple components for 3D printing that transform an every day broom stick into a beautiful lamp.

Shapeways 3D Print Broomstick Lamp

 I was unhappy with the lighting situation in my house, thank god I’m a designer and able to fix this situation!!!

Just as Sprout, designed by Egant converted a plastic milk jug into an easy to use watering can, the Broom Stick Floor Lamp combines a few items you may already have lying around your home to transform them to more than the sum of its parts.

The 3D printed parts fit standard broomsticks with a 23.8mm diameter (available at Home Depot).  You’ll need 3 broom
sticks, and you can cut them to the any length/configuration you like. The cable: the top part
holds cables with an approx. 6.3mm diameter, most  standard cables should work.

SHapeways 3D Print broom stick floor lamp

If you are looking for a 3D printed lamp to go with your new stand you may just be able to find the perfect one on Shapeways.

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