Shapeways Helps Make-a-Wish Grant a 3D Printed Wish

Make-a-Wish might be known for making dreams come true, but so is 3D printing!

Wade Sharp is a young boy from Texas with Osteogenesis imperfecta.  Wade spends tons of time playing video games because his disease limits his physical activity.  His one wish was to see how video games were made and to become a video game character himself. 

Make-a-Wish contacted Robot Entertainment to collaborate and help grant Wade his wish.  After a tour of the studio, lunch with the staff, and a video game creation tutorial, Wade was introduced to his dream video game character–Wade the Super-Master!

Wade’s wish was complete, but Robot Entertainment had even more planned!  At the end of the day, Wade was given an assortment of gifts, including a 3D printed sandstone statue of Wade the Super-Master, made by Shapeways! 

We are so honored to have gotten the chance to work with Robot Entertainment and Make-a-Wish to help make Wade’s wish even more special!

You can see more photos from Wade’s wish here or visit his Facebook page to learn more about him and find out how you can help!

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