Disabled Duck Gets 3D Printed Foot

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Meet Buttercup!  He was born with a backwards foot, but thanks to 3D printing, now he will be walking with a prosthetic foot!

Buttercup’s owner, a software engineer by trade, saw his struggle and teamed up with 3D printing company, Novacompany.  After looking at photos of Buttercup’s sister’s foot, they were able to design a solution. 

Although the plastics typically used in 3D printing are not flexible enough for walking, a mold was made and is being used to create a silicone foot. 

This lucky duck will be walking in his new prosthetic in a few weeks–all because of 3D printing technology!  Awesome!


  1. Vancouver Designer

    Whether it is a technology or an art, only that thing is appreciable by which someone gets the benefit. I am thankful to 3D printing technology, because a disabled living creature is going to become independent for moving anywhere. I wish this experiment becomes successful so that the poor duck can walk on her own.

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