Two great blogs: Fabbaloo & Replicator

To track the rapid manufacturing industry I read a lot of newsletters, have a lot of news alerts and RSS feeds set up and scan a lot of websites every day. I also read offline publications such as the Wohlers Report. If you do not have that kind of time but still want to know what is happening with 3D printing and the industry there are two great blogs doing that for you. These blogs that could do all your curating for you are Fabbaloo & Replicator. I read every post on both blogs to keep informed and make sure what I post here does not overlap with their posts. Check them out! Fabbaloo has some great stories such as this one about 3D printing a puck and this one about printing bones. Joseph Flaherty at Replicator has a great story here about different types of production technology and this inspiring one about 3D printing ceramics.   

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