The Community

Community Members as Mentors

Here at Shapeways, we’re all about community. You are, after all, what powers our machines and our business. We also love the startup network we’re fortunate to be a part of, and love seeing others in our portfolio families succeed. When all of these intersect, it’s pretty much the best thing ever! Lincoln, a beloved Shapie Crew member, just launched his new book on the ins and outs of 3D Printing on Kickstarter, a fellow Union Square Ventures company. 

Lincoln represents much of what makes our community so special. He’s part maker, part Shop Owner, and with his latest venture, now a teacher for anyone interested in 3D Printing. His book will undoubtedly be as inspirational as it is useful. And yes, I backed it :). 

Keep up the great work, and happy summer everyone!


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