Calling all Shop Owners for a chance to win Shapeways $!

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This week is National Small Business week and to celebrate all of the shop owners on Shapeways,  we’re hosting a Facebook contest! Enter for a chance to win some Shapeways $!

All you need to do is upload a photo of you with a product
available on your shop to our facebook page. Get all your friends to like your
photo, and next Monday morning the entry with the most likes wins!

Also, all entries will be considered for a featured spot on
the homepage.


  1. Savannah Peterson

    Super excited to see our Shop Owners with their products!

  2. Paul King

    Cool, but what happens when a previously printed model gets featured and then subsequently rejected due to demand and your production partners flake under pressure, or even just plain flat refuse to print the model because the rules have changed?

    Please sort out these kind of issues before promoting stuff… it is seriously not worth the hassle.


    1. Savannah Peterson

      Hi Paul,

      That is an unfortunate experience to hear please email and we will troubleshoot! Thank you for the feedback!

      Best Regards,

    2. Paul King

      no need to troubleshoot anything, as far as I am concerend if Shapeways choose not to update materail rules inline with what produxtion partners say, then I am prepared to wait or use another service that delivers what they say then can deliver

    3. Anonymous

      Why does Shapeways not respond to these concerns on the forums?

      Many people have raised issues about changing design rules (unannounced) and rejection of previously printed models – but there is never an official response.

    1. Savannah Peterson

      Super awesome analytics ;)

  3. d3sssy

    well done shapeways! another contest based on number of friends instead of creativity or product quality!

    1. Anonymous


      Hell, +50.

      Btw the most interesting thing about this post is the (very cute) animal. What is it?

    2. youknowwho4eva

      We have 24K+ people that like the Shapeways page that will also judge, and at least be mostly unbiased.

      That would be an Opposum.

    3. Anonymous

      If 24k people express an opinion then you may be correct – will you publish the numbers that actually vote?

      Opossums are VERY cute…

    4. Duann

      Hi d3sssy,

      You are right, this is NOT a design contest, this is a stimulus to share designs and therefore success is measured by the number of people who share and in turn the number of people who are exposed to your designs that engage.

      If you would like to see a design contest let us know what you think a suitable challenge could be, whether it is mechanical, technical or aesthetic?

      Thanks for your feedback.

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