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Titanium 3D print contest winner pictures

Remember our Metal 3D printing in titanium contest? We finally are shipping Yanying‘s titanium 3D printed Spiral Cage today and wanted to share some photographs of her model. We hope that you enjoy your prize Yanying!

What do you guys think of the titanium model? I think that Yanying’s
design is beautiful as well as very illustrative of all the future
possibilities in 3D printing.  

This jewel measures 2.6 by 2.5 by 4.9cm. It is made of titanium an this coupled with the process makes it rare and expensive. It costs about as much as an entry level MacBook. There is a lot of titanium in the world but very little 3D printed titanium. A lot of jewelery has already been made out of titanium so it should be a viable material. The process should add value since I would assume that rare=good in the jewelry business. I also personally believe that customized jewelery is a huge potential opportunity. you see yourself buying a 3D printed titanium jewel? Do you see yourself making your wedding ring on Shapeways? Or would you be more likely to buy/make a less expensive jewelery item?

In short: is there are market for high end custom made 3D printed jewelery? And is this market dependent on the material (ie titanium is good because it is a recognized jewelery material) or dependent on the process (ie I’ve always wanted to make something nice and affordable for my wife)?

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