Friday Finds: Selections from Shapeways HQ

This week in Friday Finds we are taking you behind the scenes!  Here at Shapeways HQ, desk accessories are way more than pen holders and coasters.  Thanks to all the amazing designers on Shapeways, desks TOYS have become a necessary form of self expression!

Check out some of the amazing 3D printed objects that live around our office! 

Matt loves memes from neuralfirings, ryankittleson, edrice, and kspaho.

Dotsan’s 3D animal heads make even the white walls interesting.

Elisa’s desk is home to a variety of creations from isohedral, naaaut, JoshuaHarker, and wondercat.

 This logo by Shapeways Designer Evangelist, Duann, keeps our windowsill company.

Caroline borrowed some of her favorites from Bathsheba, and INNERLEAF to brighten up her desk.

Comment back, and let us know what 3D creations spend time on your desk!

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