Weekend Contest #16: Get Your Summer On!

The first day of summer is June 21st.  Finish up your spring cleaning, and get ready for some summer fun!

What makes summer fun even more fun? 3D printed accessories that make your time outside more enjoyable! So what would make your summer activities more enjoyable? Running, sun bathing, swimming, biking, even spectating some sports.

Whatever it is that you do, improve it!
(Check out the NanoClip by VapourStudios for some inspiration!)

How to Enter:
Design something that involves an outdoor activity. Share it with us here, and tell us how it would be used. Deadline is Monday evening, midnight.

What’s the prize?
$25 to use towards your creation, or any other Shapeways purchase.

Anything else?
That’s it! Bonus points for printing it and using it this summer. Bonus points are not redeemable.

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