Shapeways Fun in Finland: Lappeenranta Meetup Report!

Lappeenranta is a town in the south-east of Finland, close to the Russian border. Heidi Piili hosted a Shapeways Meetup for our local community there last night. Here’s her report!

Heidi writes:
“I walked into Birra with excited and nervous feelings as I was not aware how many participants would come to the Shapeways MeetUp. I was having my Shapeways box full of amazing prints and I was sure that everybody joining the Meetup would be thrilled to see all interesting pieces. Very tightly at 6 p.m. the first participant arrived, and then second, and third, so finally participants were arriving. Discussion started immediately as everybody were looking at Shapeways prints with enthusiasm.
People are very often thinking of 3d prints as “plastic garbage” but it is really amazing to see most amazing structures and shapes instead. Especially jewelry prints were fantastic, based on opinion of all female participants. The most important outcome of the MeetUp was that the participants really got the idea that 3 printing is here and now, it can do so many amazing things. You can yourself design or just pick-up ready designed pieces and get it with easy effort. 
MeetUp definitely is worth of organizing for second time to Lappeenranta!”
Thanks so much for setting up this meetup Heidi! 
Remember: running your own Shapeways Meetup is easy (as in: pick a time and a bar) and an amazing amount of fun! If you want to host one, contact us and we’ll give you all the support you need (including cool models to show).
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