Product of the Day: Bulldozer Mug

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This rainy NYC weather is giving everyone the blues, but once we saw this new 3D creation we couldn’t help but smile!  Check out the awesome Bulldozer Mug by Heng!

This little guy reminds us, once again, of the infinite possibilities that 3D printing gives us.  Mix up your morning routine, and give the Bulldozer Mug a try!

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  1. Onno van Dokkum

    Here 3D printing shows us how easy even absurd ideas and associations can become real.
    It widens the borders of our imagination! This designer made a very good isue! It let us think about the sources and origin of exiting design.

    1. Anonymous

      Since “the competitor” allows only products they have printed to be in their gallery, I guess the answer is “not Shapeways”.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s indeed strange, the competitor has good quality.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi guys,

    The link belongs to the same designer on another platform.
    We encourage our shop owners to be successful and having many avenues of sales outlets is a great way to make more sales!

    Shapeways Community Manager

  4. Business Card Design Vancouver

    Nice design, but don’t you think that it will be difficult to drink from it, as its width is more than its height, and also it has spikes over its front. Maybe my perception is wrong.

  5. heng

    well I don’t know how you drink out of a cup but I drink from the side ( perpendicular to the handle) not accros from the handle..
    yes you can drink very well from it, no danger 😉 the only thing is that since it is rather shallow and the sides are a quite flat angle the liquid can swoosh around quite easily and maybe spill. ( psst: I think materialise, scuplteo and shapeways subcontract ceramics at the same place.. just like metals.. )

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