Designers for Hire: Kostika Spaho and Jarrett Mowatt

Shapeways Designers for Hire are 3D modelers who have the skills to help others get their ideas in their hands with Shapeways 3D printing.  This week, we are featuring design duo Kostika Spaho and Jarrett Mowatt of spahodesign who can 3D model anything, from realistic burgers to bird skull shoes, architectural maquettes to internet memes, no idea is beyond their CAD skills.

Shapeways Food 3D Print

Contact Kostika and Jarrett for your project now.

Shapeways User Name: kspaho

Shapeways Shop: spahodesign

Bio: Kostika and Jarrett met at Roger Williams University, where they were both working towards their Masters degrees in architecture.  Kostika first discovered Shapeways during a study break.  Having previously used a 3D printer that only printed in one material, he signed up for Shapeways immediately.  He is inspired by deriving beautiful and elegant forms through trying to read “the mind of god” and through observing the natural environment and its rhythms.  Jarrett says that beautiful art with function drives him to create.  The duo has been working together on projects since they first met, but now they want to create a business together.

Services Offered: We primarily offer 3D-modeling services, however, depending on the project we are able to assist with laser-cutting and CNC milling.

3D Modeling Specialties: We love a great challenge.  Whether the project calls for something traditional, mechanical, old-fashion-engineer-minded or organic, we love to take a stab at it.  Between the two of us, we can handle any type of project. We can work from photos, sketches, written descriptions, phone calls and even meet with you in person if feasible. However, a combination of all of the above will help bring your ideas to life with a higher level of accuracy. If things get a little out of control, we can always reach out to our super talented friends who specialize in more specific areas such as mechanical, electrical, sculptural, texture mapping and so on.  

Examples of projects undertaken:

Biomimicry Shoe

3D Modeling for Kimberly Ovitz Jewelry

Mayan Calendar


Grim Berge, Fram Film / Venture Pictures AS (Norway), 

I worked with Kostika and Jarrett on the creation of a Maya calendar.  It was a great collaborative experience, as they put such a great effort into the creation of the 3d model and the complete production process, finding innovative solutions and methods to be able to deliver a great result.  The final product was outstanding and drew a lot of attention at the clients convention held in Mexico. I would recommend them for their great work ethic, talent, and inventiveness.

Alex Repola

co-founder Brand Assembly

It is an honor to be a reference for Kostika Spaho. He worked on a very complex personal 3D sculpting project for me which came out phenomenal. Besides his obvious advanced technical and creative skills what really sets apart Kostika is his professionalism and dedication to a perfect end result. As stated my project was quite complex and Kostika’s only concern throughout the process was to get it right.

Nani Salgaokar, Launchpad, NYC 

Kostika and I worked closely on a new business pitch. His involvement and expertise were amazing. It was easy to see his passion and dedication for the project from the very start. Very few designers take client projects with as much interest as Kostika does.

He was clear in communicating and fast with his output. Even if this was a first 3-D project for our agency, we were blown away by the end result. It was delighting to see an idea come to life so beautifully with his highly creative and professional vision.

I would not miss an opportunity to work with him again. His talent and expertise and the willingness to get stuff done is what sets him apart. I wish him all the luck even though with his given skills he needs none.

Pricing Structure: Both by the hour and flat rate, depending on the project.

Check out their Shapeways shop or Kostika’s site to see more work!

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