Our 3D Printing Machines Get Names

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Let us introduce you to the newest ladies in Long Island City.  

Our factory underwent a makeover last week when production
team member,Greg Dreisen, decided that the machines needed names. 
Unsure how the idea first came to him, he explained that he
spontaneously decided that all the machines needed to be old ladies. 

In particular, four machines have taken on the identities of an iconic group of old ladies.  The printers, now known as Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche, are now the Golden Girls of LIC.  We are having so much fun with our old lady machines, and we don’t plan on stopping now!

The newest Shapeways printer has landed in New York.  Help us welcome the P395 printer, and send us your name ideas for the newest old lady! 


  1. T Hogan

    Agnes, in honor of Agnes Skinner from the Simpsons

    “My name is Agnes and you know it’s Agnes! It means lamb! Lamb of God!!”

  2. Paul Hershey

    Your new old lady should either be: EDITH (Bunker) or JEAN (Stapleton) in honor of the passing of this very fine actress and/or the character she brought to life in All in the Family.

  3. Tristan Dalay

    BESSIE (asphalt paver in Cars)
    “This here is Bessie, the finest road pavin’ machine ever built.” – Doc Hudson

  4. Safitri

    Esther (meaning: star)
    Kathrine (meaning: pure)

    1. Anonymous

      Ada after Ada Lovelace (1815–1852), who is credited as being the first computer programmer.

      Also because 3D printing is “Ada”-tive!!! Geddit?

  5. Anonymous

    Let’s go with Eve , the first and therefore oldest female :)
    (and also adat- “eve” )

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