Dezeen Editor-In-Chief Marcus Fairs New Book on 3D Printing

Shapeways is featured in a Print Shift, a 2D printed on demand book by Dezeen that focuses on the ever changing 3D printing landscape.  You can get yours copy now, printed on demand, and delivered to your door by Blurb (sound familiar).

Print Shift is a magazine that explores the fast-changing world of 3D printing and analyses the way it is changing the worlds of architecture and design. The 60-page, advert-free publication explores advances in 3D printing across a range of topics including fashion, food, design, architecture and even weaponry and archaeology. Written by the Dezeen editorial team, Print Shift is the result of extensive research into a field of technology that is developing at exhilarating speed. We have spoken to architects, designers, scientists and researchers around the world, travelled across Europe and visited some of the leading studios and factories at the cutting edge of a technological revolution.

In the video by Seymourpowell TV, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs discusses the role of inexpensive 3D printing and 3D scanning in product design.

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