3D Printing a Way to Better Coffee

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One of our Interaction Designers, Erin Keeffe, has a Hario Skerton Coffee Burr Grinder. As a former barista he noticed that it was producing an inconsistent grind because the inner
burr wasn’t supported at the bottom of the grinder. With less than an hour of time and the power of
Tinkercad he was able to design this bracket that holds the burrs in
place at the bottom of the grinder, and now he has much
a more consistent grind and even better tasting coffee! Way to go Erin!

The bracket is available now here


    1. David B Keeffe

      Awesome innovation. The power of the tinker.

      That’s my boy !!!

  1. Pamela Waterman

    Did someone say coffee? Combined with my favorite technology, 3D printing? Excellent application.

  2. Marisha Platner

    Loving seeing your creative brain manifest in 3D!

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