Friday Finds: Why 3D Printing Rocks

You know 3D printing rocks, I know 3D printing rocks, but do musicians know 3D printing rocks?  Here are a few finds in the Shapeways shops that shows just how much 3D printing rocks on the musical dimensions.

Shapeways 3D Printing guitar pick holder

Let’s start with an easy way to always know where your guitar pick is, the Pick Pocket

Keeping your drum sticks tidy becomes Art (capital A) with the Stick Clip

3D Printing Shapeways Bass Action funk

Whether you are playing jazz fusion slap bass or psychedelic dub ensure you have perfect tone with the 3D printed Thumb Rail.

Of course rock and roll has it’s associated tools required such as drum tuning keys and bottle openers, the DruNKey takes care of both essential needs at once. 

Check out more rocking 3D printing in our music section on Shapeways.

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