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Singapore Shapeways Meetup: It’s a Wrap!

Hanyang Leong just reported on yesterday’s Shapeways Meetup in Singapore. Close to 40 people attended, making this one of the larger Shapeways Crew events. Nice job!!
Hanyang writes:
“It was awesome to have so many folks in the Singapore 3D design, modeling and printing community down with us to gawk over the models, share more and basically just geek out over things.
We had so much fun at the meetup, met so many cool folks and sharing and heard so many neat ideas for what to do next!”
Hanyang, thanks for being such an awesome community member! We totally love it when people host their own Shapeways events.
Remember: running your own Shapeways Meetup is easy (as in: pick a time and a bar) and an amazing amount of fun! If you’re thinking of hosting one, contact us and we’ll give you all the support you need (including cool models to show).