A Quick Peek At Our New 3D Printing Material as We Get Closer to Launch

As we tune our machines for the new 3D printing material on Shapeways we thought we would get your imagination fired up with a few seconds of flexible fun.  We still not have locked down the design rules but aim for at least 1mm walls to be safe.  Are you ready?


  1. Henry Segerman

    The background sounds of this video are strangely compelling. As is the new material of course!

  2. jman

    I’m VERY happy to see this material this close to being released. How many weeks? (you probably can’t tell me, but I want to know!!!!! lol)

    I’ve actually been waiting on this specific material to upgrade one of my designs. So exciting!!!!!!

    I just hope we can get some prettier colors! Is it going to have a yellowish tint like the video/pictures or is that just from the lighting of the shots?

    @teamshapeways keep up the great work!

    1. Duann

      Yeah, it is kinda yellow but I just did a quick dye test in red and it looks HOT !!!!!!!!!!

    2. Youknowwho4eva

      Would be interesting to see how the dye stands up to constant flexing.

  3. Glenn

    Great, now I can print my own bed mattress, sleeping bag, pillow…. Probably outside the max dimensions, eh?!

  4. Andy D

    Looks great! Hopefully the colours come out well (maybe a dark black?). This looks like a great material and opens up the utility of 3D printing. Everything from shock-absorbing cases for phones, through to flexible components for other models where tolerances vary but a tight fit is required.

  5. takima

    Looks fun! I’m impressed how you guys at Shapeways are always on the ball.

  6. T. Shawn Johnson

    Any idea what the price will be like for this exciting new material?

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