Premium Sterling Silver 3D Printing Stays on Shapeways

The trial has ended, we asked your opinion and now we are happy to say Premium Silver 3D Printing is here to stay on Shapeways.

premium silver 3D printing on Shapeways

We will maintain the same design rules, pricing structure and lead time for Premium Silver 3D printing but we will continue to monitor and work to reduce the lead time and cost as soon as possible.  

Following is a recap of the Pricing and design rules. 

premium silver 3D printing jewelry on Shapeways


To cover the cost of the manual polishing required
to achieve the Premium Silver finish we use a
tiered pricing structure for both the handling fee and the material
price per cm3.

Handling Fee Per Model:  $45 (up to 1.7 cm3), $78 (1.7 – 3.4 cm3),  Free (above 3.4 cm3)

Price Per cm3: $28 (up to 3.4 cm3),  $75 (above 3.4 cm3)

This means:

1.0 cm3 item will cost $73.00

1.7 cm3 item will cost $92.60

1.8 cm3 item will cost $128.40

3.4 cm3 item wil cost $173.20

3.5 cm3 item will cost $262.50 

Design Rules

The design rules for Premium Sliver are
similar to our existing design rules though we recommend
taking a close look at any fine details that may be removed during the
finishing process.

The maximum size we can offer Premium Silver is 100 x 100 x 30 mm maximum bounding box 

The minimum size an object must be to be 3D printed in Premium Silver is 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 mm 

The minimum possible wall thickness is 0.8 mm but this thickness is
not suitable for parts under stress like ring shafts or pendant loops
which should be thicker to withstand stress. 

For more details visit the Premium Silver design rules.

We look forward to seeing more of your designs in Premium Silver, be sure to add photographs to your product page and share them in the ‘It Arrived’ section of the Shapeways Forums. 

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  1. Glenn

    Hhm, from a re-sellers point of view this is still ridiculously expensive. $73 for a small pendant or charm, thin ring, etc., plus shipping, plus robbery from UPS at my Canadian door, plus mark-up to customer….. Sorry, I would never be able to sell anything at those prices.

    1. takima

      Actually, a re-seller or direct customer would pay more than $73 for a 1cm3 piece of premium silver here, because the designer will add $8-$15 of mark-up on top of that. I too doubt any re-sellers will be able move product at those prices given that they will mark it up even more, which is why us designers will have to work harder to market ourselves directly to end buyers.

      I didn’t check the old prices on PS, but is the new pricing structure cheaper now?

    2. carmelari

      in fact, with these prices I prefer to do a masters degree in any metal and rubber for wax casting

  2. A. Hope

    I find this intersting but would want to see 1/ bigger
    pieces 2/ pieces that made proper use of this technology. Neither of the exmples you show neeed sto be made this way ..,the earrings copuld be fabricated from wire within an hour and the spier cast from a wax model mad within and hour.

  3. a Hope

    Just made a comment re use of this tech. full of typos for which I apologise.
    Corrected below.

    I find this interesting but would want to see;
    1/ biggerpieces
    2/ pieces that made proper use of this technology. Neither of the examples you show needs to be made this way . The earrings could be fabricated from wire within an hour and the spider cast from a wax model made within an hour.
    Please show a larger example to demonstrate something that would be difficult /impossible any other way.

    1. Glenn Slingsby

      BUT not everyone can make wax models, can they? Nor do they wish to pay large sums of money to have someone else make it for them. And if you search this site you will see PLENTY of models that would be next to impossible to make any other way; not necessarily all of them in silver, but that will come.

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