Designer for Hire: Experienced 3D Designer and Visualizer Metin Seven aka sevensheaven

We see many requests come into Shapeways via email and forums for people needing help realizing their ideas with 3D printing.  Sometimes they have a sketch, sometimes they have a photograph, sometimes they have a 3D model they have started but can’t get to the 3D printing stage. Shapeways Designers for Hire are 3D modelers who have the skills to help others get their ideas in their hands with Shapeways 3D printing.

Our second Designer for Hire, Metin Seven aka sevensheaven is an experienced 3D designer and visualizer with a long professional track record.

Shapeways User Name: sevensheaven

Bio: Experienced freelance 3D designer and visualizer for a multitude of clients, including professional toy design involving licenses of Dora the Explorer. Modeling for Shapeways 3D prints since 2010, having gained a lot of experience in the preparation of 3D models for printing.

Services Offered: 3D modeling, preferably from scratch. 
3D Modeling Specialties: Cartoony character modeling, non-complicated product modeling such as simple gadgets and toys. Experienced in modeling in accurate dimensions.
3D Software Used: Currently working with Blender 3D, after many years of working with 3ds Max.
Examples of projects undertaken: Various projects can be found here.
References from previous clients:

“Metin is a very creative and pragmatic person, a joy to work with. He has the skill to come up with ideas where you wanted to have thought of first. Friendly, creative and intelligent. A superb combination….”

“Metin is a great professional. A great designer, he designed all our icons in the OnGuard software. And the last assignment was a key for the cmConsultancy product line. It is unbelievable how creative he is, we could never come up with this design with a wink to our software. Perfect. He is also very generous with rewarding you after lead generation!! Hope to work with him in the near future again.”

Several more references can be found on my LinkedIn page.

Pricing Structure: A fixed price per project is no problem, if the briefing is clear. Alternatively, if you have a good idea, Sevensheaven can create it for free, sell it through the Sevensheaven 3D print store at Shapeways, generate publicity, pay you 50% of the profit, and send you a monthly sales report.
See more examples of work on sevensheaven.nl.
If you have 3D modeling skills and would like to offer your services as a designer for hire please email duann at shapeways dot com with the subject Designer for Hire.
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