Shapeways pricing script for Blender

Inspired by Virtox’s 3DS Max script for Shapeways, Shapeways community member Loonsbury made a pricing script for Blender. With the script any Blender user can calculate how much the model he is working on at that moment is going to cost him or her. While they are working in Blender! Loonsbury is also the person that made this incredible Guild Wars character together with his wife. Thank you so much Loonsbury! 

It is really too bad that other modeling tools do not support such sophisticated and handy applications as Blender and 3DS Max do. I would have though that Zbrush, Maya or Rhino could also do something like this?

OK, that was blatant but it might work.  

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    For someone working at a 3D printing start up I am a bit of a technology skeptic. I think it comes from being promised too much, from the whole "in five years.." thing. It is now 2009 and still my fridge does not go on the internet and order

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