Shapeways Roadtrip across America with Savannah

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Hi Shapies!

I’m Savannah, the latest addition to the Shapeways Marketing team. I’ll be splitting my time here between social media management and Shop Owner education.

I’m honored to be working with such a talented community of designers, Shop Owners and customers, so much so in fact, that I’m plotting the first Shapeways Roadtrip across America! 

This means I can meet with you along my journey from San Francisco to headquarters in NYC! It’s such an inspiring time in 3D printing and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to; most importantly listen and learn how I can help you achieve whatever your Shapeways-powered dreams may be. I’m really excited to dive into the heartland and see how you are using Shapeways between Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley.
So now the question is:
Do you live somewhere between San Francisco and New York City?

Would you like to be a part of the first ever Shapeways 3D Printing road trip?!

Tell me where to stop on Twitter @shapeways or here in the comments, how many to expect and I’ll do my best to make it happen! You can also email with your ideas if you don’t feel like putting them on blast.
It’s my goal to stop a hybrid of Midwestern metropolis and splendid small town Americana, so don’t be shy, let me know where to stop and I’ll see you on the road! 
Not on our path? No worries! Follow along on the blog and via #ShapewaysRoadtrip  
And since I’m new and I’m asking to meet you in real life you can find me at @SavIsSavvy on Twitter/IG/Vine/Shapeways and on LinkedIn. Don’t be shy, say hi! Thanks for the invites in advance!
Cheers to creating a great future together,
Savannah Peterson 
Marketing Manager – Digital Engagement


  1. Karen Herman

    Sounds like a great trip. Definitely check out The Crossroads section of Kansas City, MO! Would love to know more about what you will be traveling in across the country. Is it some type of mobile retail truck or van?

    1. Cody

      I also think Kansas City would be a great stop! There’s a good maker community here. Hit Denver and stop in KC on your way to Minneapolis or St. Louis.

    2. Mdezyn

      *Minneapolis is a must* – as the *3D* Mayor of The Midwest I invite you to visit. I will have a group waiting to meet and welcome you!

  2. Ann Kathryn Kehoe

    Savannah, come to Milwaukee! I’m a jewelry designer who uses Shapeways to print my models, then cast the plastic models in bronze or silver. I would love to see what’s in store for Shapeways and the jewelry design world and would love to meet you!

    Ann Kathryn

    1. Kate

      Oh, I have friends in MKE who would definitely love a visit!

    2. Bryan Kasun

      I also live near Milwaukee! Let me know when you are here so we can meet! I have many projects that could utilize these services!

    3. James Miller

      Agree that Milwaukee would be a great stop. You’ll pull in a lot of people from this area for a stop there.

  3. Savannah Peterson

    Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone! Keep it coming. So excited to meet you all on the road :) .


    1. Sid

      i am a model railroader who uses some of your products and have a few ideas for things. Come visit Memphis TN / Southaven MS. :)

    2. Wilfredo Pena

      You’re almost in Chitown, but I’m in NYC. When do you plan to arrive at NYC? Our meetup is hosted at Pace University, but summer is all about field trips and we want to welcome you to the BIG APPLE.

    1. Savannah Peterson

      @David & @George: How many Shapies could you both wrangle? Denver is a likely stop on the journey and I’d love to do a meet up or happy hour :) .

    2. Jill MacKay

      Please bring Shapeways to Fort Collins Colorado. I featured you in my presentation this past January at the Crafts and Hobby Association and let everyone know how you are changing the world of creating. Fort Collins is also home to Arts Incubator of the Rockies, a ten state initiative working with artists and business people. Please give me a call I will help you spread the word!
      Congrats on your new job!

      Jill MacKay

    3. Q

      Please come to DENVER! I know several people that would be interested.

  4. Sal

    Ill be there for sure.

    SG Designs

    Sal G

    1. Sal

      Any chance you might be in the Los Angeles Area???

  5. Richard Klein

    I’d love to see you stop in or near Marlborough, MA, but that’s beyond New York, so unlikely. I’m travelling to Michigan and Illinois the first week of June, though. Will you be publishing an itinerary?

  6. Shaan Hurley

    Please stop in Salt Lake City where I work remotely for Autodesk. Will my good friend Duann be on this road trip?


    Technologist for the Office of the CTO
    Autodesk, Inc.

    1. Duane Johnson

      Hey Shaan, I’m not Duann, but will Duane do? :)

      I’m a founder of the local non-profit EnjiGo makerspace. We’d love to have you here, Savannah, perhaps even to present in our classroom? We have a lot of enthusiastic 3D printer builders, but I don’t think we’ve ever had someone come show and tell what Shapeways can do. I think it would be a mutually beneficial meeting.

  7. Don Hanley

    I am the Assistant Editor for MRH an online Model Railroad magazine. Several of our readers have used your company’s service for special locomotives that are not available from the manufactures.

    I would like to sit down and talk with you regarding Shapeways and where you see the industry headed.

    I live in Reno / Sparks NV so I am on your way to San Francisco since you will need to take I-80 over Donner

  8. John

    Hi Savannah,

    I wish you would be able to stop in Reno Nevada, I am putting together a Comic con for next year *The Great American Comic and Sketchy Con* and it would be so cool to talk to you about being a part of it. I know the cartoonist world loves to see their characters come to life. I believe other marketing and toy companies are just so far behind you guys in this arena. I know I want a couple of my characters brought to life and am working towards this realization of 3D printing. Hope to see you come this way?! Enjoy your adventure!


  9. Neil Kane

    Lots of great innovation occurring in Chicago. We’re convening a meeting next week–too soon for you–but we can ensure a good audience when you come. I’m on the Governor’s Innovation Council, and can help to promote an event with you.

  10. Lionel F.

    Hi, great idea to meet your community/customers.

    I’m an electrical-design Engr here in Silicon Valley that’s also a gear-head. I learned of Shapeways a year ago from a Mech Engr I worked w/ that uses your service a lot and I’ve been hooked. The said MechEngr printed parts of his gaming-inspired Holloween costume trough you because he didn’t want to use the Objet printer he has at work for personal stuff.

    I work in Milpitas, CA for a laser company which is now considering buying a 3-D printer after I showed them all my personal projects done through Shapeways.

    You can probably see what I’ve printed in my Shapeways account, but I wouldn’t mind speaking w/ you because I’m designing/building my own composite aerobatic-airplane (I’m an aerobatic pilot). Shapeways is very important to me because you allow me to print my molds directly from my para-solid model and for a good price. I’m advocating my fellow airplane home-builders of what modern affordable 3-D printing can do.

    Shoot, if your up for it, I can fly you up/down the NorthernCalifornia coast on a short and simple non-aerobatic flight (bring a camera)!

    Lionel F.

  11. Erin Moore

    Please come to Dallas, TX!

    I’m currently using Shapeways for jewelry design.

  12. Wes Garcia

    If you’re coming across Interstate 90, make a stop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  13. Dan Eklund

    The members of I3 Detroit, one of the makerspaces in the Detroit area, would love to host a visit. We have about 100 active members.

  14. Rosalind Rogoff


    I may be too close to San Francisco for you to stop here, but I live in San Ramon just down the street from Bishop Ranch. You really should check out Bishop Ranch. If you are interested I could set up a meeting for us at the Bishop Ranch headquarters. Of course since you are so close, you don’t have to do that as part of your trip, but maybe when you get back.


  15. Diane Booth

    We would love to welcome you to Maryland! The jewelry school in the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA) (something about costing too much $$) is closing, so we rejects are starting our own school. Lots and lots of us would support your visit…plus, as a further enticement, we would even cook a great meal for you. Please let me know when you will be in town, Baltimore town, that is.

  16. Ryan Mooney

    If you come across the Rocky Mountains you will have a welcome visit to the design school at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Most of the students in the Industrial design department love to hear anything about 3D printing and its endless possibilities.

  17. Eric Lee

    It’s be great to have you come by the Fab Lab here in Tulsa, OK. ( There are a good number of 3D printing enthusiasts out here, and I know they would love to have you come by!

  18. James William Kincaid III

    Hey Savannah,

    Welcome to Shapeways. :) If you stop in Reno I’ll take you gambling and we can gamble all of Shapeways’ money away! hehehe :D JK!

    Gosh Savannah, you’re very attractive! :D You could sell your look! Have you ever done any modeling?

    Are you from Holland?

    I can usually be found in the forums, UniverseBecoming. Send me a pm anytime if you want to talk about anything at all. I love 3D printing too! I’ve been interested in it since the early 1980s.

    I’m looking foreword to seeing you around Shapeways along with all the other wonderful Shapeways employees! :D

    All the best,

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