Designer for Hire: Design for 3D Printing Expert, Vijay Paul aka Dot San

We see many requests come into Shapeways via email and forums for people needing help realizing their ideas with 3D printing.  Sometimes they have a sketch, sometimes they have a photograph, sometimes they have a 3D model they have started but can’t get to the 3D printing stage. Shapeways Designers for Hire are 3D modelers who have the skills to help others get their ideas in their hands with Shapeways 3D printing.

Our first Designer for Hire, Vijay Paul aka Dotsan is a 3D modeling superstar who is ready to help you realize your ideas with Shapeways 3D printing. 

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Designer fro Hire Shapeways 3D modeler

Shapeways User Name: Dot San

Shapeways Shop: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/dotsan

Bio: Dot San have been delivering 3D design services for over a decade. By delivering great client service and satisfaction we are proud of the reputation we created from our diverse projects and international clients. Dot San have been registered with Shapeways since 2009 and have empowered many people. Our client feedback, creativity and professionalism reflects our enthusiasm for diversity and challenge and we welcome any enquires no matter how weird.

3D Modeling help on Shapeways 3D printing

Services Offered: Services include design development from scribbles and photographs, 3D files fixed and optimised to reduce printing cost.  

3D Modeling Specialties: Our CAD skills are broad and diverse to realise the most creative of ideas requiring organic surface models to precision scaled machinery. 

3 Examples of projects undertaken:

Organic modelling of a trophy for Wong Wong

Precision scaled modelling for Battleground Toys

Sculpture projects for Catherina Van De Ven

References from previous clients:

Hi all,  Just wanted to share my recommendation for Vijay Paul of DotSan ltd. On two occasions Vijay has helped me out with complex and precise CAD work, and both times he has delivered excellent results quickly. He’s a pleasure to work with – one of those people I’m extremely happy to have in my address book.   So – if you have CAD work, especially challenging jobs (even if you think it’s not possible!) you might want to get in touch with Vijay through www.dotsan.com – there’s a good chance he’ll be able to help you. Michiel Cornelissen

Dotsan did an amazing job for me producing the CAD drawings for our unusual buses in Nottingham England during the 1970s. He was patient, understanding and very helpful. I told him what I wanted and he did exactly that. What he did for me was amazing and the result is better than I expected. Daryl Hemsell

In addressing my needs as a client, very closely and at every stage of the development and design process, Dotsan successfully captured the essence of my 2D character work. It was a pleasure working with Dotsan, they are consumate professionals, and I look forward to working with them again on future collaborations! Culprit Art

For more feedback visit Dotsan’s feedback page in the Shapeways forum. 

Pricing Structure: No two projects are the same and a fixed price based on complexity is quoted once designer and client are happy with requirements.

Contact Dotsan to get a quote for your project now

See more examples of work on Flickr pool and at www.dotsan.com

If you have 3D modeling skills and would like to offer your services as a designer for hire please email duann at shapeways dot com with the subject Designer for Hire.

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