Ask Shapeways Engineers Your 3D Printing Questions Today at 5pm

Do you have questions about Shapeways 3D printing materials and processes? Want to know how to optimize your design to ensure it gets 3D printed first time? Do you need advice on what software might be best to best make your ideas for real.  Join us for a Google Hangout with Shapeways 3D printing engineers this Friday at 5pm NYC time and we will answer as many of your 3D printing questions as possible.

Ask Shapeways 3D Printing Questions

If you have a specific question ready to go, please ask in the comment section of the blog and we will try to address those questions first.

See you soon. 

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  1. Jared Zichek

    Hi, will Shapeways be announcing any new high resolution materials this year? Preferably something better and less expensive than the current FUD material? Perhaps using a Stereolithography-type machine, such as those produced by Envisiontec? How about the new Formlabs 3D printer – will Shapeways experiment with one of those? Thanks in advance for considering my question.

  2. Stuart

    Is the future of 3D printing going to be criminals printing off their own guns using blueprints off the net? Or will there be a chip in place that prevents that, much like the scanners do when digitally scanning money?

  3. GWMT

    I’d love to be able to print Frosted Ultra Detail parts longer than 178mm; any possibility of enlarging the build volume for FUD?

  4. David Anderson

    Hello Shapeways! Just found your website and it all looks cool!! In case you want to get right to the question, here it is. I’m designing small electronic parts using Arduino. I’ve just ordered a PCB to contain my electronic product, which will need some AAA batteries. I need to make a case for it, like you see most motion sensors or alarm sensors contain in. What’s the best way to produce this? Mold, 3D?? What software? Of course, price is a big factor.


    -david anderson

    1. Juha Leminen

      I recomend Blender 3D software
      The current version or
      2.49b with the latest version in which to get at leat the right scale.
      There is no cost 🙂

  5. Ehsan

    Dear Engineer
    How accurate is your 3D printing in Ceramic ? I am looking for high accurate with about 1 micro-meter error, can you do ?
    What kind of Ceramic do you use ( I need the technical information like Poisson’s Ratio, Young’s Modulus and Fracture Toughness)
    Can make withe Alumina ? Or composite Alumina-Zirconia ?

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated
    Kindest regards

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