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Should We Keep Premium Silver 3D Printing on Shapeways

We introduced beautiful jewelry grade premium silver 3D printing to Shapeways in early March and we have seen so many amazing designs in the Shapeways marketplace that we would like to continue premium silver as a permanent material on Shapeways but we need your input.

premium silver 3D printing on Shapeways

The current trial is set to end this Tuesday the 14th of May so you only have a few days left to get your orders in and give us some feedback before we make any changes to the design rules and pricing structure. 

If you already have your design 3D printed in premium silver please share the URL for your product page in the comments on the blog so the entire Shapeways team (and community) can take a look.  Also let us know what you think of the premium silver 3D printing, how it compares to our other silver and what you would like to see next.  

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