3D Printed Product of the Day: Darwin’s Cladogram Tree

Whether you’re fascinated by evolution theories or not, check out this amazing replication of Charles Darwin’s first ever sketch of a tree of life by joabaldwin.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

The detailed replication pays homage to Darwin’s original sketch found in his private notebook, “Notebook B on the transmutation of species,” 1837-1838.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

The finches perched upon the end of each branch represent the
A, B, C and D marks on the original drawing. Each is slightly
different; the more apart the finches are from each other in the
evolutionary tree, the more distinct are the differences between

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

From a side view, the shape of the printed tree mirrors Darwin’s sketch exactly.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree

This fantastic piece also comes in the form of a necklace.

Darwin's 3D Printed Cladogram Tree Necklace

As taken from Darwin’s notebook itself, “I think … Case must be that one
generation then should be as many living as now. To do this and to have
many species in same genus (as is) requires extinction. Thus between A
& B immense gap of relation. C & B the finest gradation, B &
D rather greater distinction. Thus genera would be formed.—bearing

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