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NASA Space Apps Roundup

This weekend we sponsored the NASA International Space Apps Challenge in New York. All around the world, over 9000 people collaborated to work on 50 different challenges ranging from a chicken farming in your backyard to lassoing asteroids.

Shapeways was thrilled to take part, and it was exciting to watch projects come together in such a short time!

Three teams tackled the 3D printing challenge including a team who worked on a drone with sonar that mapped asteroids (shown demonstrating their drone above) and a space ship creator for kids.

Ultimately our award went to the P Tech team for their “Star Map Sculpture”. This group of high schoolers worked with Robert Carlsen to make a 3D printable visualization of a star neighborhood, using the space between the stars to create printable geometries. The result was a beautiful sculpture, that makes it easy to see the loneliness of stars, and our galaxy.

They won a voucher for printing at Shapeways, and a sneak-peak tour of our factory – congratulations!

In the words of astronaut Ron Garan, whose inspiring talk kicked off the weekend:
“We have the technology to enable global collaboration. You don’t have to be in space to have orbital perspective” and; “Ideas without action are empty” so I encourage all the participants to keep working on their projects and bring them to life.

Did you take part in SpaceApps this weekend? Did you tackle the 3D Printing challenge? Let us know what you worked on in the comments, we’d love to see it, and help you if we can!

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