Friday Finds: Spring Showers

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We have become closely acquainted with the phrase “April Showers Bring May Flowers” the past few rainy days here at Shapeways. This week’s Friday Finds is an ode to Mother Nature and those good old spring showers.

Don’t let raindrops get in your eyes! Protect yourself (or just look really cool) with CLOUD Eyewear by ColorsofBirch.

3D Cloud Eyewear

Dress up your ears for the weather with the quirky Umbrella Girls earring set by dominikraskin

3D Printed Umbrella Girls Earrings

Cookies make everything better, right? End your day with these Rain and Cloudly cookie cutters by EWK25.

Rain and Cloudly

Stay dry this weekend!

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  1. Genesis Studios

    Those earrings are great! Just add a bit of color and they would be perfect for this time of year!

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