3D Printed 28-Geared Cube

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Check out the latest addition to our collection of steampunk themed uploads: the mesmerizing Steampunk Geared Cube by Maundy.

Steampunk Geared Cube

The cube contains a total of 28 gears, all of which turn from manually rotating only one (though the designer notes that rotating two gears results in a smoother motion). The outermost gear on each side has handles for easy rotation, and each is linked to its adjacent gear in an interlocking pattern. Once one gear is spun, the others correspondingly spin along.

Steampunk Geared Cube

In addition to the fascinating pattern and mechanics, the cube has a tray in the middle for holding various small objects. The product also comes with a stand and a lockable lid, which is placed on top of the cube and can be locked and unlocked by rotating the gears. 

Steampunk Geared Cube

The piece comes printed as one fully assembled object straight off the printer. Check out the video below to see it in action!

How do you plan to test the limits of 3D printed moving parts?


  1. Matt

    I like the idea for this design, but it would be much more impressive if it didn’t seem so flimsy. Perhaps if it were printed in stainless steel it would work more rigidly. It seems maddeningly lightweight as is.

  2. terry

    Why not show the production of the cube instead of the results. If I saw it actually being printed, then that would attract my attention, instead of- here it is. Just a thought.

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