Facades+ PERFORMANCE Symposium: Introduction to Parametric Design

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On Friday, April 12th Ronnie Parsons from Mode Collective will host a full day of hands-on workshop as part of The Facades+ PERFORMANCE. A series of workshops designed to provide professionals and academics with the skills and knowledge to work with cutting edge technologies in a fast-paced and intensive environment. AIA/CES  LU credits approved.    

INTRODUCTION TO PARAMETRIC DESIGN, a workshop geared towards professional workflow for beginners. 

This workshop will focus on the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating performance-based design models with the parametric design tool, Grasshopper for Rhino3D. Combining the intuition of visual programming with the robustness of parametric design, Grasshopper offers unprecedented fluidity throughout the development of a project. Using Grasshopper, participants will be guided through a series of exercises designed to emphasize the relevant applications of parametric design for professional practice.

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  1. bonooobong

    Wow! It is really nice that shapeways gets connected to the parametric scene, generative 3D modeling and digital additive fabrication like 3D printing playa key role in today’s architecture and design. As an architect and parametric 3D modeler (and a huge fan of the grasshopper community) I use my desktop 3D printer day-by-day to realize my design and see if my concepts work in the real 3D space as well. It is a much better way of presentation than just looking at some rendered imaged pimped up with photoshop… check out my parametric art blog with my 3D printing experiments if you’d like to;)

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