Collective Conscious: Lasers saving the rainforest

The Collective Conscious is a self-assembling group of artists and scientists, based in Whistler, Canada, who believe that one brain is never enough and that the cross-pollination of ideas is where the heart of innovation and creativity lies. They are painters, illustrators, 3D modellers, interior designers, motion graphics designers and software developers but, as they say, “most of all we are just big nerds”.

Illustrator Victoria Farrand and 3D modeller Thomas Wood collaborated to create ‘The Unexpected’, a series of drawings and 3D printed models.

“The project was inspired when we heard of the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal that is set to run straight through the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada. This area is the largest region of coastal temperate rainforest left on the planet and home less than 400 enchanting Spirit Bears. We chose the low polygon style because it depicts the form in the simplest way, a representation of how our memories of the bears, wolves and orca of this region will fade over time, until we cannot see them as more than a shape in our mind.”
The Collective Conscious is proud to be representing Raincoast.org at the State Of The Art exhibition during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Canada. Through their exhibition they aim to raise the profile of the Art For An Oil Free Coast initiative as well as increasing public knowledge of the dangers facing the beautiful west coast environment.
If you would like to support them, you can visit them in Whistler from April 12-21 or you can buy bears and wolves from their Shapeways Shop.
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