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Father and Son 3D Print a Kite Photography Rig for Smart Phones (VIDEO)

Father and Son team up to design and 3D print kite photography rigs for a range of smart phones then document the world around them, from above.

self portrait from kite

Taking the father and son project to new heights (sorry) hobbiestoomany have designed and 3D printed a range of kite ariel photography rigs for the Samsung Infuse, Galaxy S3 and the iPhone.

Making great use of the super light yet strong 3D printed Nylon on Shapeways they have constructed cages that can safely carry a smartphone up into the sky to record with either video or photos. There are already a whole range of 3D printed GoPro camera mounts on Shapeways for a wide range of uses but this is one of the first mounts we have seen designed to take the smart phone to the skies.  Each of the kits are available in hobbiestoomany’s Shapeways shop with simple instructions in the video below how to assemble the cage and send your phone into the sky in a playful mash-up of Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiments and a modern surveillance drone.

3D Print Kite Mount Phone Photography rig Shapeways

Check out the video of the test, amazing images and how to assemble then the second video whale watching with a kite…

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