Hang Out with Shapeways 3D Printing Engineers: Fridays at 5 in the Factory

Fridays at 5 in the Factory (NYC time) is a Google Hangout to give you an opportunity to ask the Shapeways 3D printing engineers your questions about Shapeways materials, processes and how to design for success.  We had an impromptu hangout last Friday that included a brief introduction to some of the Shapeways team along with a shaky, noisy virtual tour of the factory.

Register on Google+ to Fridays at 5 in the Factory or just virtually drop in to listen, ask questions and give feedback. 

Please note this is a virtual hang out as we cannot yet host people in the factory, those events will come once we have finished building out the site and all of the machines are safe in their cages.

We are looking forward to seeing you online and talking 3D printing with you. 

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  1. Makuena Freitas

    I am a Lesotho citizen who has been in the marketing industry in my country for a long time now and have seen that my country is rapidly developing and that there are certain aspects of the media industry which are suffering because of the lack of good printing infrastructure. There are tons of magazines being printed that address a lot of issues and are beneficial in dispersing information and knowledge but there are not proper printing facilities.
    I would like you to help me by providing information as to how I can bring this incredible machinery from the US into my country and how you can assist me.

    Makuena Freitas

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