3D Modeler Needed to Model 3D Printed Repair Part for Senseo Coffee Maker

Every week we are seeing more and more people looking for 3D modelers to help them 3D print everything from human busts to scale laundry baskets through to slightly more functional objects.

A recent request by baerfoot is looking for someone to help him 3D model a repair part for his wife’s Senseo Coffee Machine.

The replacement part is not available from the manufacturer but he has the existing broken part that will be relatively easy to copy for someone with basic 3D modeling skills.  If you are a 3D modeler who is capable of helping baerfoot keep his wife caffeinated drop him a line in the Shapeways Forums. While you are there you may as well submit your portfolio in the 3D Modelers for Hire section too.


  1. timothée

    this wouldn’t be a big deal to model, but I would never do it. baerfoot should consider changing system to make coffee. there are much better ways to make coffee than with the senseo.
    senseo produces so much waste, it is expensive and it brakes!!!

    1. Youknowwho4eva

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    2. stannum

      The servers should be raising a flag when they generate 5xx codes.

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