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Turn Your iPad into a Movie Making Machine (VIDEO)

Meet David Basulto, an iPad enthusiast who just realeased the iOgrapher, a 3D printed accessory that transforms your iPad mini into a filmmaking piece of equipment.

The idea for the iOgrapher came about after Basulto realized the lack of products available to help carry out different video projects on the iPad mini. There was no easy way to attach the iPad to a tripod, to use different lenses, or to add additional lighting and audio equipment.

So, he created an accessory that addresses all of these needs. The iOgrapher has a 37mm lens mount to attach wide angle, macro, and
fisheye lenses, handles on both sides for steady camera shots, and cold shoes to mount external microphones
and lighting on top. It can also be attached to a tripod.

After sketching the iOgrapher model on his iPad mini, Basulto and a mechanical engineer perfected it before sending the design to Shapeways for printing. He plans to create the product for all iOs devices in the future.

Support Basulto’s project on Kickstarter, and be sure to read his full interview with Forbes.

Check out the video below for more details!

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