Announcing the Winners of the 3D Printed Wedding Contest

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We had over 70 entries to the 3D Printed Wedding contest and with so many fantastic designs it was really hard for us to chose winners among the entries. With the help of Kelly Phillips Badal, senior editor and in-house crafter at Country Living magazine, we were able to narrow it down and are very excited to announce the winners of our 3D Printed Wedding contest!

From cake toppers to table settings, we’ve gathered all of the entries for decor, party favors/gifts and bridal accessories and with help have selected the winners for each category. See Kelly’s picks below!

Decor: The ball and chain wine glass charm. “This clever little charm made me laugh out loud — and instantly covet it. And would I use it post-wedding as a sly statement? Absolutely.”

Party favor: The ‘Suit Up’ iPhone case. “Truly classy groomsmen gifts are tough to find, but if Don Draper owned an iPhone, this sharp case would be his top choice.”

Bridal accessory: The phoenix hair clip. “The complexity of the design is impressive, and there’s a lacy quality to it that reads bridal. Plus, it’s a keepsake: You’ll want to pass this beauty on to your daughter.”

We wanted to make sure each item was actually fit for a that special day, so naturally, we threw a wedding! Additional images from the shoot can be found here.

Designs by Naaaut, Nervous System, Dario Scapitta Design.

We had some really spectacular submissions and want to thank all who participated as well as highlight a few more of our favorites!

Flamingo Cake Toppers, these two lovers are nothing short of precious.

Skully and Murrder cake toppers, the Tim Burton fan in us is squealing!

Have ideas for the theme of our next contest? Let us know!


  1. Jay Capodiferro

    How about a carnival or a fair. Maybe even Disneyland. Or just a night out. Like what someone would do on a Friday or Saturday. Maybe cuff links for someone who decided to grab a drink after work

  2. Peter jaeger

    2 questions:
    Does the silver product you have referred to, assay as the “fine silver”standard, and therefore can it be hallmarked sterling according to the standard of the National Silver Trust?
    Can the shapeway process produce a colored glass[soda lime] [colored object] roughly 4x 6x 2 inches ?
    Thank you
    Peter Jaeger

    1. Duann

      Hey Peter, it is Sterling Silver though we do not mark peoples designs.
      We do not have plans to offer glass in the near future.

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