Shapeways Meetup: New flexible material

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As per our blog announcement, we will soon be introducing a flexible, rubbery material for 3D printing! Most excitingly we have samples for you to play with, so come to the Shapeways HQ and tell us what you think!

Tomorrow night, Thursday March 28th,6:30-8:30pm

As always, bring your 3D prints to share, come have a beer and maybe even play Ping Pong with the team!

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    1. Anonymous

      Models created by melting plastic will probably never be food safe

  1. Craig Morrison

    Hello Shapeways,

    Do you have a set date where this material could be used by your customers? I have a design show at the end of the month and I have been digging for a flexible 3D print source. Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated

    Kind Regards

    Craig Morrison

    1. Duann

      Not yet, we will let everyone know via the Blog ASAP.

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