Adam Savage of Mythbusters Shows Off His Shapeways 3D Prints (VIDEO)

Check out this video of Adam Savage of Mythbusters giving a tour of his home office including a shelf of Shapeways 3D Prints.  Adam shows of his collection of 3D printed memes including Sad Keanu, Success Kid and the Joseph Ducreux Sculpture along with Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest and the Thorn Dice set.  Perhaps Adam should share his collection in the Shapeways forum.


  1. Paul Robinson

    Holy crap…i didn’t catch it on first viewing…but he’s wearing my Explorer Ring…..

    appears to be a sterling silver print of the original one…

    and i just checked some episodes and he’s worn it on Mythbusters…..


    1. Bart

      Wow, you must be feeling SO GOOD! :) Loved this video.

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