New Website Feature: Order Cancellation

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Did you forget to add something to your order? With today’s update of, we have made it easier for you to cancel it, and immediately place a new one. You can do this as long as we haven’t started 3D printing any of your products.

Of course you could already do this by contacting our Customer Service team. They’re super helpful (and fun to talk to!), but answering email takes some time.
With today’s update you’ll get an immediate store credit refund when you cancel your order from the order status page. You can use this to place a new order right away. No need to wait for our help anymore! Of course you can also get a full PayPal refund. For this, you will still need to contact our Customer Service team.
Keep the following in mind:
  • You can cancel an order as long as we haven’t moved it into production.
  • After canceling an order you will automatically receive a store credit.
  • You cannot cancel the order of Gift Cards and Material Sample Kit Basic (w/ Gift Card).
Together with our new order status page, our shopping experience is getting a real boost.

Let our designers and developers know how you like it – they love hearing from you!


  1. Jeff

    Sounds like a great way to save resources on both ends. So to be clear, you can add items to existing orders and share the shipping cost now?

    1. Bart

      Hi Jeff,

      no, you can’t add items to an existing order yet with this update. This one focuses on cancelation only.


    2. Carmelari

      I too would like the function to combine multiple orders together! now, for example, I have three orders at a distance of one day from each other well :-( would save € 16

    3. Youknowwho4eva

      You still have to cancel the orders and reorder with all pieces. But now should be a lot quicker, as you don’t have to wait for a response from a CS representative.

  2. Glenn

    Very handy. I have had to cancel orders in the past and this would have been good to have rather than relying on emails being responded to (although they were).

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