MagSafe Adapter Key Ring: 3D Printing and the Power of Connecting Things to Things

Some of the best uses of 3D printing is the ability to connect things to things, whether it is your a plant to your bike, your GoPro camera to your drone or your Raspberry Pi case to your Lego castle.

3D Printed Magsafe Adapter Keyring

The MagSafe Adapter Key Ring by jbobrow makes sure you do not lose the Magsafe Adapter for the new MacBook and connects it to your keyring 3D Printed in Stainless Steel using the adapters internal magnet.  Clever.

What other products could be designed to be 3D printed in Stainless Steel to use magnets embedded in existing products?


  1. Jeff

    nice idea!

    And Duann you nailed it. 3D printing is an awesome connector of things. There should be a list where people submit the two things they want to connect and vote up other pairs on the list and then 3D modelers can make the solutions.


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    2. Jonathan

      Thanks Jeff!

      Likewise, a great idea. I wanted to add that I modeled the key ring in SketchUp, which honestly makes 3D modeling accessible to anyone. And, most importantly, the free version exports to be printed by Shapeways.

      best, jb

    3. Johnnie

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