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3D Printed Centrifugal Puzzle Box (VIDEO)

Attention all puzzle lovers!

We have quite a great collection of 3D printed puzzle uploads from our community, with one of the latest being the intriguing Centrifugal Puzzle Box by Maundy


Centrifugal Puzzle Box

The puzzle box can store any object up to 39x39x13mm. Though it seems pretty straightforward, the method of opening the box requires some unique decoding.

Maundy has also created a special embed code with a clue on how to solve the puzzle for those who are having some difficulty. The clue can be purchased separately and requires a smart device to scan the QR code.  

Centrifugal Puzzle Box Clue

Or, for those who want to skip the challenge, check out the video below to see how to solve the puzzle. Warning: Spoiler alert!

How do you plan to stump the community with your next 3D printed creation? 

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