3D Studio Max Shapeways calculator by Virtox

Shapeways community member Virtox made something completely truly awesome for 3D Studio Max(3DS Max, is how they want us to call it) users the other day. He made a script that calculates the volume and price of your model including or excluding VAT. The script also allows gives you a warning if you go over the maximum polycount and helps you see what scale you can use to price your object as you would want to have it. This is a Studio Max script so you can check all of these things from within the application!! I think that this is a wonderful thing and hope that all the 3D Max users on Shapeways help Virtox by testing his script and giving him feedback. You can check it out and download it here.

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    Inspired by Virtox’s 3DS Max script for Shapeways, Shapeways community member Loonsbury made a pricing script for Blender. With the script any Blender user can calculate how much the model he is working on at that moment is going to cost him or her. Whi

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