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Friday Finds: Do the Robot

This Friday, we make an ode to the potential leaders of our future — robots. Since the thought of them taking over is a little frightening, we turned to our community’s creations to remind us that robots aren’t all that bad. In fact, sometimes they’re pretty darn cute.

Put this little Lost in Computation bot by robotgizmo on your desk to remember how to stay focused (or at least look like you are). 

Shapeways Lost in ComputationThis Robot Cookie Cutter by EWK25 is an adorable reminder that you’re never too old to have some fun with baking.

Shapeways Robot Cookie Cutters

You’re also never too old to play with your food. Or, in the case of mygadgetlife‘s Eggbot, to turn your egg into a robot.

3D Printed Eggbot

Lastly, girls can flaunt their robot pride with tinypurpletreehouse‘s precious Girl Robot Ring.

Girl Robot Ring

We also want to remind you to help CURATE OUR HOMEPAGE!

Here are the guidelines:

Pick 8-12 models and favorite them. You must have at least 8, as that
is how many slots are on the homepage! You can select one of your own
models of course, but try to stick to just one.

Optional but encouraged: Pick a theme – whether it be trains or a
special occasion, a theme helps to bring a sense of style to the page.

Email with your list of selections – please include the URL links to the
product pages and to YOUR shop as well, so we can highlight you!

We will select the best curations to feature on the homepage. 

We’re looking forward to checking out your entries!

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