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Last week over 600 people attended Shapeways Meetups in 90 cities all over the world. These meetups were hosted by volunteers from the Shapeways community. Some were small (2 people having coffee), and some were HUGE (47 people meeting in Las Vegas), but they all reported having a great time together with Shapeways members.

The biggest takeaway: running your own Shapeways Meetup is easy and an amazing amount of fun! If you’re thinking of hosting one, contact us and we’ll give you all the support you need.

Everyone shared their pictures and stories – you will find them all on our Tumblr blog and on our forum. Here are some of our favorite quotes:
San Francisco (Ruby Rieke):
“We had so much fun we want to turn it into a Monthly meeting!”
Las Vegas (Susan Hinton):
“It was a fabulous night, and we had people bring their own Shapeways prints too which was excellent.

People were fascinated, and left feeling more empowered to order stuff from Shapeways after playing with the materials and seeing what’s possible. Yay!”
Chicago (Eitan Cher):
“It was a blast! It was great to meet others in person and to teach people about the world of 3D printing.”
Helsinki (Hendik Rydberg):
“Researchers, teachers, designers and puzzle makers… Shapeways World Event at Helsinki getting intriguing”

Adelaide (John Reeves Taylor):

The Adelaide meetup has moved to the local FabLab: “Adelaide Australia Meetup still going strong after 9 Hrs Shapeways rox”

A BIG thanks to all our hosts and participants – YOU made this into a big success!! <3