Did you notice the flood of cute creatures in the Shapeways social media feeds over the last 10 days? Did you catch yourself smiling at some #SWPaws?



On December 20th our Data Center had unexpected issues that shut our site and many others down. While this was a very unfortunate and unexpected occurrence, we seized the opportunity and asked our wonderful community to share their #SWPaws during our “pause.” The results were unreal, you literally shared 100’s of your animals in just a few hours! The Grand Prize went to Kai, the Reindeer and Santa, when they visited our factory on Christmas Eve as a result of this campaign. You can search #SWPaws on Instagram, twitter and facebook to see all the entrants, and find multiple curations on our tumblr page.

Shante, the bearded dragon seen in the Christmas hat above and below here with all his 3D printed friends won First Place in our contest. The creativity and 3D Printing combined in these photographs delighted our whole office. Thanks to Michael Molaticho for submitting these!


John Allwine‘s pup was as confused with the snow as we were with our Data Center! This sweet face earned John & Maggie 2nd Place.



We haven’t forgotten our feline friends, and coming in 3rd is the adorable kitty posted by Richard Vagen. Meeoooowwwww!


I’d also like to give an Honorable Mention special shout out to Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex for hacking his branding to fit the occasion. Great job, Jeremy! Winners: If I haven’t gotten ahold of you through facebook please shoot me an email, Savannah@Shapeways.com to redeem your prize!



And here are some more just for fun:








That face, though…




This is linky.




Yes, Gregory Wheeler even shared his Red Cherry Shrimp and 3D Printed Star Citizen Space Helmet!


Just because the site works now doesn’t mean #SWPaws stops! It was such a hit, we’ll pick a #SWPaws winner every month, so keep those cuties coming! Remember, bonus points for 3D prints in the photo.

Which paws were your favorite?