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Roundup: Design Symposium at Ace Hotel

This past Saturday, we hosted an exciting interactive event at the Ace Hotel New York. The free, public event, explored how digital technology can revolutionize the future of fashion and featured an amazing collection of designers and panel of speakers.

Participating designers included Ten Thousand Things, Ursa Major, Verameat, In God We Trust, Lindsey Adelman, Anna Sheffield and Chris Habana. Each designer brought along beautiful displays of 3D printed jewelry that were designed with the assistance of 3D modeling experts from the Shapeways community including Kostika Spaho and FutureFuture

Shapeways Ace Hotel Chris Habana

We also participated in a 3D Printing symposium with talks from fashion designer Michael Schmidt, Brooks Hagan, a textile artist and Acting Head of the Textile Department at RISD, and 3D design evangelists Duann Scott and Michael Curry from Shapeways and MakerBot, respectively.

We had a great turnout and are really looking forward to more traditional designers experimenting with the technology of 3D printing in the future.

Images courtesy of the Ace Hotel

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