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Friday Finds: The Nature Edition

With spring coming up around the corner, we dedicate this Friday to your beautiful creations inspired by nature and the outdoors.

It’s hard not to go nuts over this adorable Acorn Whistle by Michael Mueller

3D Printed Acorn Whistle

Check out these brightly colored Flower Bracelets by Doerte

3D Printed Flower Bracelet

The blossoming Antithesis Flower by Neat Objects is a beautiful reminder of the upcoming season3D Printed Antithesis Flower

The Metal Leaf Pendant by GADesign intricately combines geometry with leaves to create a unique design

3D Printed Metal Leaf Pendant

We also want to remind you to help CURATE OUR HOMEPAGE!

Here are the guidelines:
Pick 8-12 models and favorite them. You must have at least 8, as that is how many slots are on the homepage! You can select one of your own models of course, but try to stick to just one.
Optional but encouraged: Pick a theme – whether it be trains, brains or a special occasion, a theme helps to bring a sense of style to the page.
Email natalia@shapeways.com with your list of selections – please include the URL links to the product pages and to YOUR shop as well, so we can highlight you!
We will select the best curations to feature on the homepage. 
Can’t wait to see your entries!
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