Ask an Engineer re-do with Scan and Solve for Rhino

We’ve had some great feedback to the Ask an Engineer videos, and while we assure you we ARE getting a microphone and will find a quieter space to film than the factory, Vladim Shapiro took the opportunity to scientifically test our coke can strength test.

The models we used in the Strength and Structure video are available for free download so he tried structural analysis on them using free simulation software. Scan&Solve is a Rhino plugin that can do structural analysis on any b-rep or meshed solid model directly without any preprocessing.

Here’s his video, remember to watch with CAPTIONS ON to follow along. 

Pretty neat right? You can try it yourself for free with an evaluation version by going to Scan&Solve. Thanks Vadim!

If you have any 3D printing questions you would like answered by our 3D printing engineer Matthew Hagan please email askanengineer@shapeways.com

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